Thursday, June 10, 2021

New Cover. New Content.
It was time to finish her story.

Going Numb

"Why are you doing this?" I asked her.

"I want to go numb," Addison replied.

For twenty years my wife battled an addiction to prescribed pain killers. Opiates disuniting her from a husband, from a family and from God. Slowly her need to go numb replacing all else. This is her story. And mine. A story of how faith was challenged as I walked through life with an addict, entering into valleys where the light never shines. Two decades of searching for hope in the dim, jagged Valley of Opiates, where doctors carelessly dispense the coveted painkiller without guilt. Over and over the opiates conquering her mind, until one day, she fell. It was time to write her story.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Glass Lover

Cold glass against my palm
Fingers embracing memories
Curled in anticipation 
Grasping what you hold inside
Amber liquid glistening under a bare bulb of secrecy
I listen for intruders who will take you away from me
Unwarranted fears wrapped in phony concerns
Hidden behind their smiling faces
Whispering words disguised as encouragement
They don’t know you
I lift your mouth to my lips
Your bitter-sweet aroma invades my nostrils
A relic of nights holding a glass lover against my pulsating heart
Abandoned by all others, you never forsook me
I have longed for your taste
Your warmth violates every nerve 
Until the room spins like Dorothy’s Exodus
I fall upon the land of dreams of white nothingness

Blacked out again
Until we meet again
Under the bare bulb of secrecy

Random Thoughts

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