Tuesday, June 30, 2020

One Question, God

                                                            One Question, God

Sunday morning comes, I open your book and read

Standing before believers, teaching your words

Giving answers to their questions, silently praying I understand

Week after week, year after year, I praise you, lifting up your Name

Realization is real, you are my reason, I am your servant

Truth is Truth


The night comes,

I bow my head

One question, God

Grant me an answer, please

Before my eyes close

Why do you watch a mother cry?

Her son forever remembered

Faded photographs, empty spaces, agonizing remembrances

A son forever gone

His mother cries tonight


You are God, it didn’t have to be

You created mountains without end

Rivers to feed the seas

The night and the day

The moon and the stars

The beginning and the end

 It didn’t have to be

Youthful years stolen by the Reaper’s breath

A son gasps

A heart stops

A mother cries

A heart breaks

You watch

Why, God?

Grant me one answer before the morning calls

Would your world have been incomplete

Without her tears?

I wonder, God

Do you hear her tears?

Do you feel her pain?

My anger burns without your answer


Morning comes

A son dies

On a cross

To dry a mother’s tears

Monday, June 15, 2020

You Don't Matter

This Matters

“We hold these truths to be true… all men are created equal…”
The word “created,” implies belief in a Creator. Believe it or not. 

“that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights…”
There He is, “Creator…

“that are among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

I believe this. Every single word and thought penned by Thomas Jefferson in the wake of the greatest protest in America’s history. You and I were created by God. It is God, not man, who grants us unalienable rights. The right to life and liberty. The right to pursue dreams. The right to voice our opinions boldly or with meekness. The right to choose.

To choose what? Our gender? The life or death of an unborn child? Who will be our lovers? Our mate?

For three decades I have believed in Christ as my Savior. My Creator. I read the Bible and believe His word. I believe that being a Christian meant I could not consider as unalienable rights the choice to change who and what God created. Man is man. Woman is woman. Male and female. Husband and wife. Mother and father. Life begins at conception. No one, not man nor woman, have the right to abort what God created.

I was comfortable with my beliefs. Even when they made someone else uncomfortable.

God has His ways of working on and in His creation.

A year ago, He placed upon my heart a verse from the book of Galatians, the third chapter, twenty-eighth verse—
"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ.”

Hours upon hours, I studied this verse, and the passages preceding and following. Searching for meaning and application in our lives — my life — today. Was the Apostle saying what Jefferson would pen eighteen hundred years later? All men are created equal, by God. All lives matter.

Today, I still struggle understanding choices made antithetical to my beliefs. I think it may be easier for me to understand God than it is to understand man. But like another fisherman, one named Peter, I truly understand God shows no partiality. Do not take my revelation as an endorsement of behaviors I disagree with. Some people enjoy ketchup on their burgers, I believe it is the waste of a fine tomato. But I understand and respect your choices; made while standing or kneeling.

If God does not show partiality, then why do we? At the core of partiality, we will often find hatred nestled in the darkness. Hatred because someone’s choice does not agree with ours. Hatred for someone elected because he or she did not earn our vote. Hatred because of the uniform someone wears, donning it each morning before going into our streets to protect us. To serve us. Hating because they do not believe in the same God as you do. Hating because of the color of their skin. Hatred that drives the scum of the world into our neighborhoods to destroy and wreak havoc in the name of equality. 

Dear Haters,
Listen carefully,
Hatred is your choice. It is not something you were born with. You cannot blame it on your parents, your wherewithal, the color of your skin, or your sorry, pitiful life. It is a conscience choice you make. An unalienable right. But know this—when you exercise your right to hate, you surrender all your other rights. Your right to opinion is drowned out by the screams of your hatred. Your right to assemble is made meaningless by your venom and destructive behavior. Your right to freedom will be squelched by slamming of a jail cell.

Your right to matter?

You do not matter.

Jim Hirtle 

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

I Can't Breathe

I Can’t Breathe

 I close my eyes

Images go by


White on black- black on white

I bow my head to pray

The images linger, stealing my words, muting my God thoughts

Monochrome Black White

One Color?

One kneels to kill

One prays to breathe

One laughs One dies

Beyond my eyes, chaotic silence

Dreary eddies overflow

Images Mister Leary would covet

Ten thousand shadows march over broken asphalt

Holding his name high, seeking justice for the oppressed one

Tears fall from faceless minions


Beyond my eyes, chaotic stillness

Darkness unfolds

Colorless fire and ebony clouds fill the night

Cities burn

Shattered glass flashes hues of black and white

Faceless faces scream

Stores looted Pockets filled

No one cries

They have forgotten why they came

Forsaking his memory for a new TV


I close my eyes

I can’t breathe

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